Some Tips For Playing 2-7 Triple Draw

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You may know the game as deuce to seven draw, but whatever you call it 2-7 triple draw, it should be part of your poker game repertoire. The game is unique in that the hand with the lowest points gets the pot, not unlike the game of razz. Obviously, your strategy will be much different in this game then the usual one of highest hand brings the win บาคาร่า. 2-7 triple draw is becoming much more popular as a result of it finding its way onto familiar online sties as well as your every day casino or club. It is gaining quite a following of players looking for something newer and more different in poker than the standard hold ’em and limit games. Triple draw adds variety to the games and requires unique strategies that are both complicated and interesting.

The Mechanics of 2-7 Triple Draw

As stated earlier, the lowest possible hand, that of 7-2 unsuited, wins so the competition is for the lowest ranked hand at showdown. This seems weird because it is the antithesis of your usual most-points-win poker varieties. Two blind bets start the game with five face down cards dealt to each player. Of note, community cards do not exist in 2-7 triple draw. In lieu of this, a starting bet is placed in the first round, then the draw occurs. At this point, the player can trade in any of their cards and draw to a new hand.

The deck is the repository of the discards so your focus should be on the cards you discarded and the subsequent adjustment to your pot odds. Next comes another round of betting and drawing whereby players can draw to a lower hand three times, which gives the game its name “Triple Draw.” The strategy for all players must consist of a draw to the lowest hand possible. Draw strategy must be etched in ones mind and thoroughly understood. The right strategy also requires an analysis of the systematic make up of each round played.

The Best Strategy for 2-7 Triple Draw

Because the game does consist of three distinct rounds of draws, the strategy becomes complex. The first leg of your strategy requires that you consider your beginning hand selection. This is true because the players are allowed to fold in the first betting round. This makes your position at the table also very important in this game since being last allows you to gather data on the worthiness of other players hands.

The only way to play the early position is to remain in the game only if you have a seven high hand, otherwise there is no way you can compete. You can try the bluff if all you have are high cards, but you will often run into multi-way pots which is very difficult when many players are using pot odds to stay with the hand. The late position player can learn from his discards along with the usual attention paid to all the moves the early players make and form a strategy that way.

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