Beware the Pitfalls of Carpet Placement

October 9, 2021 by No Comments

Although carpet is an extremely popular floor covering and can be found in most homes, there are certain places where carpet installation can be disastrous. Some of these locations are questionable due to cleanliness and upkeep factors and may prove to be a matter of common knowledge. Others, however, involve difficult installation locations that may not be as well known, but can prove just as stressful nonetheless.

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Some places are rarely seen with carpet and for good reason. The kitchen and the bathroom, for example, are usually covered with tile and vinyl and are not meant for carpet Although uncommon, carpet installation in these rooms does occasionally happen, and the results are not pleasing. Cooking accidents and spills in kitchens can stain carpets irreparably. Also, moisture created from cooking will wear down carpet faster. Similarly, the bathroom contains too much moisture and dampness, resulting from water dripping from the sink or shower Unterhaltsreinigung Einbeck. Even more unrewarding, cleaning products meant for a bathroom usually contain bleach, which, although it will not harm a tile or vinyl floor, will definitely stain carpet These two locations create environments that are just not friendly to a carpet covering.

One area that many overlook when it comes to installing carpet is stairwells. Many stairs have carpet which provides additional security from falls and simply flows with the layout of the room. Still, the constant foot traffic on carpet wears it down much faster than carpet on a flat surface, requiring replacement carpet every couple of years. This may work for some, but others may wish to spend the money on installing wood surfaces instead.

Despite the above warnings, carpet is always a great option for floor covering; it’s cozy, attractive, and relatively inexpensive. However, when installed in the wrong places it can prove to be an expensive mistake.

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