An Elementary Math Intervention Program Can Make a World of Difference

September 19, 2021 by No Comments

It is unfortunate that many elementary-aged students are failing to perform up to acceptable academic standards in the realm of mathematics. Children that exhibit near-failing grades are often put into a group of students that are considered “at risk”, and these students could tremendously benefit from an elementary math intervention program. In fact, many schools have a response to intervention program, or RTI, in place currently. The use of these programs have been widely fueled by government instated acts, such as No Child Left Behind and other mandates that require Common Core State Standards of proficiency to be met prior to students moving on to the next grade level.

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Institutions that educate the youngest students in elementary school are actively seeking out new and innovative programs that can aid in getting their at risk students up to the level they need to be. Some of the most promising results are stemming from schools that have taken the time to find an effective online math game program that students actually enjoy using go math 3 grade. However, it is essential to find one of these aids that can provide a fun and interesting interface without sacrificing the education it is intended to foster.

The most dynamic and successful elementary math intervention program will go beyond the expectations of intermittent assessment of each student’s progress; rather, it will allow instructors and tutors to view real-time results concerning a child’s advancement. Because these programs typically are available in an online environment, every mouse click can be documented including correct answers, mistakes, requested hints, and topics of mastery or problem areas. This permits educators to be right on top of things, and they can take appropriate action on a student-by-student basis for maximum efficacy.

Truly remarkable intervention programs will provide an adaptive learning environment for students to work within. This type of technology recognizes the concepts that a student has mastered, and automatically creates alternate paths for students to take within the system in order to gain additional knowledge in troublesome topics. In essence, the program will personalize itself and automatically remember where a student ends their lesson so that he or she can pick right up in that spot when logging back into the system.

School districts across the nation that have discovered the benefits of online math games for young students, are using them to help children gain a higher level of math proficiency in hopes that they will gain the knowledge necessary to meet core standards for specific grade levels. By only using exceptional programs that are currently aligned with the Common Core State Standards, they are making tremendous strides. Additionally, by using powerful and proven programs that offer a highly interactive and engaging environment, they are discovering that more students are actually eager to learn using the online programs.

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