14g Ace King Suited Clay Poker Chips Critical Overview

September 18, 2021 by No Comments

You know, it’s hard to believe I’ve been playing poker for over thirty years. During that time I have seen everything from playing with wooden nickels to those $5 plastic chip sets. Heck, when I was a kid we used to play with pretzel sticks. Needless to say times have changed and feeling like you’re playing in a casino is more important today then it was years ago. So when it came time for me to choose, I went with the 14g Ace King Suited Clay Poker Chips.

One of the biggest reasons is because of the tri-tone colors, along with the feel of real poker chips. This is what the 14g Ace King Suited Clay Poker Chips give you. Even better though is the night long compliments you receive for owning something that looks like they cost a pretty penny. I remember the first time I bought these and the reaction that the members at my club had when I brought them in for a little action.

Listen, country clubs are a gambler’s heaven. It doesn’t matter if you are wagering on golf, tennis, bridge or spades, we can always find something to bet on throughout the day. Even when I brought the 14g Ace King Suited Clay Poker Chips the first time, everyone thought I had either won big at the casino or I paid an arm and a leg for them. You can only imagine the heckling I was getting from those old guys.

Probably the most astonishing thing was the conversations we had afterward and it wasn’t about all the money I had lost last night either. One of the biggest had to be the cost. I believe each one of them (there was 18 of us that night), asked at least one time 제왕카지노 how much it was to purchase the 14g Ace King Suited Clay Poker Chips. While I wouldn’t relinquish the answer, I always replied, “Not as much as you think.”

Remember this was only the first night. As months passed I soon became the dealer as opposed to a player. Funny thing was my friends were calling me up and wanting to pay me to deal their private parties as well. Everyone just seemed to enjoy the five various colors I had available (which I chose out of the 9 they had on the website), and how much more it felt like they were sitting in a casino-like atmosphere.

It’s hard to believe after being retired for over a decade and being on a fixed income, I now have a full-time job I enjoy. Too bad it took over 50 years to find a good paying job, because I’ve never had as much fun then I am having right now. Granted, you probably won’t get a new career out of the 14g Ace King Suited Clay Poker Chips like I did, but you and your friends will be able to have a casino styled atmosphere right in your home. The only thing left to do for me is convince my wife to renovate and redecorate the basement.

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