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Hockey is one of the rare sports that can be both played on natural surfaces and ice; hockey can be played indoors and outdoors on artificial turf or even on grass. Ice hockey is played on an ice rink inside a specific facility and the teams wear very different clothing than their outdoor counterparts. Hockey itself is a rough game and protection is key whether you are an ice hockey player or not, if you have ever seen a game of hockey you may notice that the goalkeepers are heavily protected, this is because the ball (outdoor hockey) or the puck (ice hockey) is extremely hard and travels at great speeds, anything less than the best hockey equipment could lead to devastating injuries. So with that in mind, if you are a budding hockey player or have been playing the sport for years you will know or come to know that getting the best hockey kit that you can will help to keep you in one piece for years to come! China Ice Hockey

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Now, if you have been in the game for a while then you will be up to speed on where to get your hockey equipment from, should it be from a club approved supplier or from a recognized stockist, you know what you need and which brand of hockey equipment suits your body shape and playing style. Whether it is shorts, socks and shin pads or even the hockey stick itself, you know your stuff. However, for those just starting out it can be a little baffling at first, all those brands and colours and styles the whole experience could end up being an expensive mistake. So here are a few pointers to keep your costs down and to help you get the best hockey equipment available.

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First thing first, you need to decide on which surface you wish to play, there is no point going out and buying a load of ice hockey equipment if you are going to play field hockey, this would just be a waste of time! So think long and hard about the type of hockey you think you would like to pursue. Once this decision is made it will help you narrow your search for hockey equipment. Obviously it is going to be imperative that you can try on the kit and handle the stick before you make the purchase, so use the internet to locate your local hockey equipment stockist and then find the time to go

along to the store and speak to the sales clerk who should be able to assist you with your purchases, footwear is key here too, remember that you will need studs on soft ground and astro trainers for artificial surfaces, it may be worth investing in both if the club you have chosen plays on two surfaces. Now that you have tried on the kit and had a good look at the hockey equipment available to you don’t feel that you have to rush into any purchases then and there, it is best practice to look online too to see if you can make any savings before finally committing to the purchase of your hockey equipment.

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