How To Apply For ICPC Recruitmentation

September 5, 2021 by No Comments

ICPC Recruitment has started today. The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission have announced its recruitment for vetted candidates who are keen to work, here’s how you too can apply for the upcoming ICPC Recruitmentation competition:

Log on to the portal and fill in the online competition form. You will receive a confirmation email and links to download and print the form and print it out if required. There is a one month deadline for applications to be submitted and accepted. The portal will verify all information you provide including your educational qualification and work experience. Make sure you enter all the relevant details accurately.

Once your application has been approved you will receive a personalised acknowledgement letter. Log on to the official website to find out how to select your ICPC shortlisted candidates and apply for future vacancies, if you require any further information. The online application can help you save time as you will have access to a comprehensive list of vacancies, along with contact details for those companies looking for candidates.

The opportunity to work in the finance industry is great and will allow you to earn a higher national diploma, while working from home. It is important to remember however that you must be eligible to apply for vacancies. If you are not eligible then you will not receive any guidance or assistance from the recruitment agencies, you will simply be informed that you do not meet the requirements for the vacant positions and that you should instead start completing education or get another qualification. Therefore it is important to take care to ensure that you are eligible before beginning your course of studies, this is especially true if you are applying to fill roles in finance.

For many graduates who lack the necessary working knowledge of suites including, and allicin, it is recommended that they begin by completing modules one through four, depending on their level of education. Those wishing to progress quickly and obtain the key skills needed can choose to enroll for module five, six or seven, at the very least. These modules will provide you with an increased understanding of the job role, management and leadership, and accountancy. With modules seven and eight, potential candidates will gain first degree and certification status, these are often required if you wish to be considered for senior roles.

The amount of experience you have earned will play a pivotal role in your chance of being shortlisted. For this reason, those candidates with five to seven years of experience will have the greater opportunity of being shortlisted for the role. It is important however, that you do not just approach the recruitment agency in search of work. It is advised that candidates submit a resume, along with cover letter, resume examples and a list of relevant professional qualifications, all submitted in respect of their current employer.

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