Luxury Bedding and the Ins and Outs of Thread Counts

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Without a shadow of doubt satin and silk are the two main types of material that most people would classify as coming under the category of luxury bedding. Certainly a good quality satin sheet such as Charmeuse satin has a very luxurious feel to it and few would deny that the similar and effortlessly languorous sensation of lying in silk bedding falls within the same category. However there are other cotton fabrics that have an almost equally satisfying and blissful air to them Pure Silk Bedding.

Comfortable silk bedding

Surprisingly enough, several of the different qualities of luxury cotton bedding and particularly the finer cotton with high thread counts can be equally pleasing to the skin. Although manufacturers can give technically accurate yet misleading TC (or thread count) figures, it certainly can give you an idea of the quality and softness of the cotton you are considering. Generally speaking you can get fabrics with a TC ranging from 100 to 1000. This is a count of the number of threads in one square inch of the material. So if you have 100 threads per inch of waft and 100 threads per inch of weave the TC count will be 200. The maximum single threads you can have per square inch is around 500.

If thread counts of over 500 are quoted, you can be fairly certain that the threads will be double or triple ply. This means that two or three single threads are entwined together before weaving the material. Some material will actually quote the number of threads in the ply. For example a 250 thread count of four ply will be quoted as having a thread count of 1000. You cannot automatically assume that such high thread counts will actually be more luxurious or soft. Once threads are interwoven, there is more chance that the fabric will become pilled. This is the name given to when tiny balls of cotton appear on the sheets surface and generally create a rougher feel to the texture of the cloth.

Another factor that governs the value, softness and general quality of luxuriousness of the material is the actual cotton plant used for its production. Egyptian cotton is highly valued for its smoothness and this comes because of the high thread count. The reason it is able to be manufactured with a high thread count is the fact that the actual farming threads or filaments of cotton that the plant produces are longer than the average cotton plant. This accounts for the cotton’s strength and its ability to be spun into a very fine thread. The result is an extraordinarily strong cotton with a luxuriously delicate feel – an absolute delight to sleep in and certainly ranks as a luxury bedding. The supima cotton produced by the Pima Indians of the United States is also of a similar quality.

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