Ten Easy SEO Tips to Improve Your Website Search Ranking

August 7, 2021 by No Comments

Having your Website listed at the top of a search engine results page without having to pay for that position, is the holly grail for companies that do not have a large marketing budget. The technique used to achieve a higher ranking, naturally or organically, is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While the exact formula used by Google and others to determine your ranking is a trade secret, the criteria involve a combination of on-page factors (content) and off-page factors (links). Off-page factors such as having relevant and credible back-links to your Website are weighted much higher in importance than on-page factors. Here are ten simple tips that can help your ranking:

  1. Optimize your keywords and long tail phrases: Determine what keywords to use on your pages based on relevance to your business, search volume, and how difficult it will be to rank on the first page of Google. Identify critical long tail words (high conversion rates, low competition). Make sure you use your selected key words consistently in your page title, URL, (H1, H2 and H3) tags and in your page text.
  2. Eliminate any broken links: Search engines do not like broken links and if they find even one “page not found” they diminish your credibility and lower your ranking. Go through all the links on your site to make sure they are working.
  3. Add captions to visuals: Use captions with graphics when possible. Captions are picked up by search engines. Make sure you add captions that are relevant to the content on that page.
  4. Update Web content regularly: Search engines dial in on sites that are constantly changing and expanding. The more frequently you change your content the more frequently your site will be searched and cataloged improving your ranking.
  5. Add a blog: Having a blog is a great way to add content to your Website, create thought leadership and attract unique visitors to your site. It becomes your publishing engine. You can also post your blog articles to outside sites like EzineArticles.com to create back-links that improves your off page ranking factors.
  6. Add testimonials to your site: Create testimonials on your site that include relevant keywords. They will add credibility to your site. Even better, ask partners to include a testimonial on their site and include a link back to your site.
  7. Expand your back-links: Probably the most important factor in improving your search engine ranking you should focus time on building back-links with relevant and credible sites. If not credible it can actually hurt your ranking. Important ways to add back-links is registering with directories, soliciting links with partners, post relevant multimedia content and become active in Social Media channels.
  8. Extend your URL timeframe: If you are a new company and you just secured your URL you should purchase your URL rights for an extended period of time. If you have secured your ufabet มือถือ URL for only a year or two, search engines will discount ranking thinking that you are not credible and you may go out of business.
  9. Add a frequently asked question (FAQ) section: Adding a FAQ section is a great way to add additional content to your site and to populate your content with keyword-rich content.
  10. Don’t over populate with keywords: While keywords and long-tail phrases on your site are very important for search engines, you can also hurt yourself if you use keywords too often. While not officially published, it is commonly understood that too many keywords and long-tail phrases on a page may lower your ranking. Search engines may view you as a non-credible site and determine that your site is a “get rich” or marketing site that lacks rich content.

You should view SEO as part science and part art. Content and back-links will give you the keys to the kingdom. Develop a plan, benchmark yourself against your competitors to see what they are doing and keep focused on the fundamentals. Follow the simple tips in my blog and even the smallest companies, with no budget, can reach the top of the search engine page.

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