Motorhomes Drive Holiday Dreams of Many Americans!

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Motorhomes for use in America in 2010, come in all shapes and sizes, from small to huge but most in-between. Many motorhomes are household names, and tens of thousands of these vehicles are manufactured each year. Some high end motorhome dealers may only make a handful each year, but the starting price for these luxury motorhomes is around half-million dollars.

Before making the commitment to buy a motorhome it is a really good idea to rent one first to see that you do indeed like the idea of owning a motorhome, and secondly to see if it is the type you would like to purchase. It is important when you buy your motorhome that it displays the oval RVIA sticker which means that it has met the high standards of the industry.

Most manufacturers of motorhomes in the US in 2010 will publish catalogues that will show all models, sizes and amenities. This allows you plenty of scope to personalize your motor home to your needs. If you have to order your motorhome ahead then you will be able to have a say on carpet style and color, and upholstery vendita camper contanti. Of course if you are ordering one of the luxury motorhomes where price tags are around $200,000 upwards, you will be given many choices of not only interior but also the exterior. More details are available at my website In fact these custom built motor homes can be designed almost from scratch by the buyer.

One of the first decisions you will need to make when considering purchasing a motorhome is what type of vehicle you are going to purchase. The first is Class A, which generally is the largest and most comfortable, but also the most expensive types of motorhomes. They have large storage tanks and lots of space, the best ride, but against these are some drawbacks. This motorhome is harder to handle and maneuver in traffic, some roads will be inaccessible, and some parks will also not be able to accommodate the large size of the motorhome. You may not even be able to keep your motorhome at your residential home if you don’t have enough driveways. The Class B motorhome is a converted van, and although it is obviously going to have space limitations, its smaller size is going to have plenty of advantages.

In fact these motorhomes can park anywhere a full sized sedan can, they are the least expensive to run, but they have quite cramped bath facilities. The Class C category of motorhome offers the best variety of motorhomes, varying in all sizes and competing with both the A and B motorhomes. These motorhomes are built on a truck or van chassis so they can be serviced easily and they are probably the safest of all the vehicles as they have been crash tested to meet truck safety standards.

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