Touring Belfast City – The Travel Jewel of Northern Ireland

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The Belfast city is the vibrant capital of Northern Ireland. For many years now, it has become one of the top travel destinations in the United Kingdom not only because of its extraordinary tourist spots but also because of its compact size. The city of Ireland is also full of engaging activities that make every tourist’s Ireland experience truly fun and wonderful.

When you visit the Belfast City, the first thing that you would notice is its eco-friendly way of living. The new recycling method for every household for is very remarkable. Since the beautiful places are nearby, the best way to marvel the popular tourist attractions in Ireland is by walking on foot or riding in a bicycle. Don’t forget to pass by the new bridge at Clement Wilson Park which is now open to for walkers and cyclists to enjoy luxury homes for sale in florida miami.

Must-try Activities in Belfast City

Aside from sightseeing, the most popular activities in Belfast City are golfing and bike trailing at Barnett Demense. You should also not miss the three best tourist attractions in Ireland: the Lyric Theatre, the Belfast Barge, multi-purpose venue that floats along the River Lagan banks.

The Belfast City houses 15 courses and state-of-the-art golfing centers, which made it the golfer’s paradise in the city of Ireland. Some of the notable 18-hole parkland courses near the city center which people love to visit are the Shandon, Royal Belfast, Malone and Belvoir Park Golf Clubs. Due to its remarkable playground and amenities, people always love to come back for more. The fun does not end during day because the Belfast city is also buffed with a booming nightlife scene consisting of Irish pubs, trendy bars and dance clubs. There is also wide range of accommodation in the city which caters to all sorts of budgets from frugal to extravagant. A good number of upper-class and boutique hotels are concentrated around the riverside, making your stay convenient. More affordable lodgings like bed and breakfast are found in the University area so you would not have to worry about going home late.

Touring around the Belfast City Museums

Aside from having several well-preserved historic buildings, Belfast City also homes the most intriguing museums, which have also formed part of the world-renowned tourist attractions in Ireland. Some of the most popular museums are Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. The Ulster Folk Museum features the way of life in the region back 100 years ago. The Transport Museum highlights the various modes of transports used by locals in different decades like carriages, steam trains, electric trams, motorbikes and vintage cars.

Birthplace of Titanic

The city has numerous attractions exploring the past and legacy of the ship of dreams. These attractions have now become the main tourist attractions in Ireland. If you want to relive the excitement and passion behind the construction of the Titanic, Belfast City is the only place in the world that can provide such experience.

Touring in the city of Ireland takes you to a wonderful journey of the infamous Titanic, which quarter is located in River Lagan. The ship’s building culminates Belfast’s former industrial glory and heritage.

The Titanic Belfast is a 6 -floor modern building erected to dramatically tell visitors about the ship’s history from its conception and construction to its tragic maiden voyage. In this center, you can explore nine galleries that feature interactive exhibitions and presentations that include the ship’s craftsmanship, design and stories of the crew, passengers and other survivors. Titanic Belfast also has an Ocean Exploration Center, slip-ways, a souvenir shop and restaurants. The banqueting rooms located on the fifth and sixth floors are all designed based on the original Titanic’s interiors.

Aside from visiting the center, you can also go for walking tours that bring you to notable sites, which were important to Titanic’s construction and launch. You can also try reliving history through a culinary experience at the Rayanne House. This first class restaurant offers a Titanic Tasting Menu that is comprised of dishes last served to passengers before the ship’s tragic sinking at the Atlantic Ocean.

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