Improving Eyesight Immediately by Shedding Your Glasses – The Facts

May 28, 2021 by No Comments

Believe it or not, eyeglasses have a history that can be traced back at least as far as the Roman empire, where we know that Nero used a concave lens set in a ring to improve his view of the games going on in the Roman Coliseum. Exactly as is the case today, although Nero may have experienced a temporary improvement in vision and potentially some relief from eye pain and discomfort, he was likely worsening his vision in the long term and never putting his eye muscles in a position where they could restore themselves to normal. Unfortunately, the most widely shared information on improving eyesight rarely even mentions the various options which are available to improve eyesight naturally.

Much of the science regarding natural vision improvement, which is as legitimate and respected today as when it was initially developed in the early 1900’s, is directly attributed to Dr William H Bates, who had very strong feelings about glasses. He concluded, and supported with his studies, several important facts about eyesight correction using glasses. He argued that glasses force the eye muscle to adapt to the specific correction, whether that be concave, or convex, or astigmatic. Because our eye muscles can never maintain the exact same level of correction, a situation is created which, in theory would require new lenses for every level of re-correction which our eyes experience. Practically speaking, that is not possible, as the eye muscles correct constantly. The response by most is to go to the eye doctor once a year, learn that their vision has deteriorated, and leave with an even stronger prescription as the cycle begins to repeat itself once again. It is commonly accepted that you have done the right thing for your eyesight, but when you really consider Visiclear the science, one would easily conclude that while offering temporary improvement, stronger and stronger prescriptions are actually worsening the condition of your eyes. An easy way to think about this is as follows. No matter what the condition of your eyesight, from very poor to 20/20 vision, the clarity of form and color as seen through a window(in this example, the equivalent of glasses with no prescription), will always be worse than the clarity of both color and form by looking directly at the same object or objects.

Most people who rely on some form of vision correction might dismiss this science as being too good to be true. However, if you are someone who currently wears glasses or contacts, is about to begin wearing glasses or contacts, or at an extreme, considering Lasik surgery, you owe it to yourself to visit us and learn more about how you can forget any of these artificial and more costly alternatives, and improve you eyesight naturally, with very little cost, compared to these other methods.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, every step you take down the natural path is a step toward healing and strengthening the eye muscle permanently, and not just a temporary fix until you need that stronger prescription or even Lasik Surgery.

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