How To Open Us Bank Account For Malaysian

May 12, 2021 by No Comments

E-Commerce is the largest marketplace in the world. E-Commerce serve user al over the world in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. People can surf the web anytime and anywhere they want through the web. Certain item, they can get it instantly. And certain item, they can buy it online and wait until they receive the item.

As one of the Malaysian, i am interested in a lot of offer in the web. But most of them only offered for U.S citizen. Such as eBay. But, i discover the way on how to participate the offer even i am not U.S citizen. I open an account with paypal and follow the process to become verified. I discover the problem when paypal only offered U.S bank to be verified in PayPal. I search the information in Google on how to open U.S Bank for Malaysian, but i found the information is not much. So that i done my research and believe that i can be verified as long as i know the right way. I spent 2 month to do the process and finally i am verified and i start buying online at U.S site such as eBay, Amazon and a lot more using my PayPal account and US Bank Debit Card Buy Verified PayPal Account.

At the beginning, i only buy online without selling anything. After 2 month buying and experiencing buying online, i learn on how to be a good seller from the seller i bought e-books, watches and etc. They always giving the right information and shipping service to the customer.

I start selling online such as watches, wallet, information and a lot more using my PayPal account and most of the service that i love is online consultant. I become a online seller from the experience i have while online the web almost everyday.

From this experience, i know the way on how to open U.S Bank account for Malaysian. Malaysian can sell online buy using a lot of merchant account offered in the web. But PayPal also offered a service accept credit card payment and in the same time it’s been used by 88% US citizen to buy online. The benefit having this account is more because PayPal user only pay to another verified PayPal account. So that, PayPal is the best merchant service and also the best payment method that also offer insurance for buyer and seller.

The important part having PayPal verified is, only verified user can withdraw their money. For Malaysian who wanted to learn the way opening U.S Bank account and be verified in PayPal, i am offering the online consultation using Yahoo Messenger. So that, they dont have to read a lot of e-books that offer the method and finally they don’t understand what they have to do and forgot what they have to do to be verified in PayPal.

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