How Fitness Modeless Vivi Winkler Stands Out From The Crowd

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Vivi Winkler attributes her success to following a simple formula. “I eat healthy, I lift weights, and I run,” she says. She does not buy into the theory that hard work will produce results. “If I had tried to diet and exercise just once, then I would have been fat, sick, and bored. I like my life so much better now.”

What’s interesting about Vivi Winkler is that even though she is a world famous fitness model she still maintains a very traditional lifestyle. “I’m not a big fan of technology,” she says. “I think most people are amazed when they see me on television and hear my voice. I talk like I’m talking to my grandkids.”

Vivi Winkler is a world renowned fitness model and a | fitness model | time | model} When it comes to keeping fit and staying healthy Vivi Winkler takes time to get things right. “I like to keep my body in shape by running and jogging. I like doing push-ups as well Vivi Winkler.

The world of fashion and modeling is not what Vivi Winkler thinks about most of the time. “I try to stay away from the clothing,” she says. “I don’t like the labels. I just want to fit into my pants.” That being said, there are many great fashion designers in the world today that have managed to make their mark in the fashion world and Vivi Winkler is part of that list.

One thing that is for sure is that Vivi Winkler is definitely not a pushover. “If I’m going to go to war I want to win. I’m going to be determined, no question. I love to win competitions and I love to prove people wrong. I’ve won every competition I’ve ever entered and I intend to keep on winning.”

What’s even more amazing is the fact that Vivi Winkler began her career as an office worker. “I was working as a receptionist and I hated it. It was so slow and you have to wait for so long. It takes forever to talk to someone and to ask them a question. If you want to build a career in fitness modeling, you have to love the process.

When it comes to working out, you’ll find that Vivi Winkler does most of her exercise routines at home. She is known for doing her workouts on a treadmill. “When I do home workouts I can go for hours on end. I can take a shower, get dressed and walk out the door and go back and forth on the treadmill. It gives me the energy to exercise every day.” This is a woman that likes to work out but still has a personal life.

If you are an individual looking to become one of the world famous fitness models, you can start by following the footsteps of Vivi Winkler. You can also find out how she keeps fit by going online and researching the exercises that she is performing. If you have any questions you should check with the contact details provided on the website. This is one woman that will answer all of your questions. You can follow her example and become a world famous fitness model.

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