Wow to Wire Cat6 Cable to an RJ-45 Connector

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You need not be a networking expert in having the ability to wire CAT6 cable to an RJ-45 connector. It is very easy to perform the task provided you can read a CAT6 wiring diagram and can identify color codes properly.

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To perform the task, you need to know that CAT6 cable is composed of 8 wires covered with PVC (polyvinyl chloride insulation and that each such insulation has a different color to it. You also need to procure the CAT6 cable before you can connect it. You need to know the current retail prices for the CAT6 cable.

Currently, the retail price of standard 23 AWG (American Wire Gauge) CAT6 cable from a branded cable manufacturer is somewhere around $0.50 a foot. So you can very well calculate the total cost of procurement for the cable provided you measure out the routing distance in feet between your computer Ethernet port and the device to which you want to connect it to Wire Crimp Tester.

Next item on your buying list are the two RJ-45 connectors unless you already have them with you. You also need to have a crimping device and a network cable connection tester. The wiring diagram you can easily download using the Internet. Two such diagrams are available. One uses the TIA/EIA-568-A wiring standard and the other the TIA/EIA-568-B wiring standard. Incidentally TIA stands for Telecommunications Industries Association and EIA stands for Electronic Industries Association.

Do ensure you get a CAT6 cable duly certified and stamped with the standards to which it conforms. Otherwise, if the cable fails, you will need to again procure a better one with needless extra expenditure for doing so.

To begin the wiring process, strip off 2 inches of the composite top insulation on the two ends of the cable, exposing the 4 twisted pairs of wires at each end. Next untwist the pairs, and then strip off ½” to ¾” of the individual insulation of each wire from the end. Next trim the exposed naked copper wire to the same length using a wire cutter that you may already be having.

Thereafter begins the task of inserting the ends of each of the 8 wires into the respective pins of an RJ connector. This part you can do easily with the help of the CAT6 wiring diagram so have the diagram laid out in front of you while you connect up the wires. Only thing is that you need to ensure that the wire goes fully into the respective pin of the connector and that the insulation on the wire goes into the pinhole too to the extent of ½’.

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