Are Pinterest and Instagram The Best New Sources Of Targeted Traffic? Yes

April 12, 2021 by No Comments

Are Pinterest and Instagram the new go to sites online to get traffic for today’s online marketer. Gone are the days of just starting a Facebook fanpage and watching the traffic roll in. Today online surfer has become a lot more sophisticated and are turning a blind eye to a bright shiny salepage.

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Today’s consumers are a lot more engaged online and most of that engagement is on social media sites. For every social media site there is a different type of person becoming involved with a different interest. This is why these new social media sites attract different type of visitors. This is a trend that will forever keep evolving because there are so many different types of interests in this world.

No one person or company can possibly supply everyone with everything so it is imperative to focus on one niche and control what you can buy instagram likes.

The same goes for marketers, you cannot succeed by trying to conquer the whole internet, especially starting out. With the amount of traffic you can get from one social media site it can definitely turn your life around, so your goal should be to start out with one. The question is which social media site is ripe for the picking right now. What I mean by that is if this was 10-15 years ago the site in question would be MySpace. As we all know MySpace is not what it used to be but it still has its share of traffic. So the next obvious answer for today’s time would be Facebook, but if you start to look at the numbers you will see that Facebook has hit its peak. FB is far from over but there a couple new sites that are filling a void for different types of people. The youth of today are all now signing up to Instagram, ironically Instagram is owned by Facebook. IG was bought by FB because they seen the growth and potential and so far their investment has paid off. The format is different as the site is more focused on pictures. With the right pictures you can gain a following really quickly and they will be hungry for your next picture that you post. Now imagine if you intertwine a marketing message within your pictures or simply include your website in your pictures. If you have a popular picture it will be sure to get you some traffic quickly.

If hanging out with the young crowd is not your cup of tea you should look at Pinterest.
This social media site is a online marketers dream. The majority of people who flock to this site are usually more affluent, meaning they have money to spend. These are rather wise consumers who can see through a sales pitch a mile a way. The key to success with Pinterest in to get involved and find out what your target market is looking for. You can follow the popular pins and see how many likes and shares each pic is getting. You can even pin it to your very own board and piggyback off its success.

There are tons of training videos online that will show you how to create accounts and generate traffic so I will not get into the details of how to get it started, the point of this article is to steer you in a different direction when it comes to online marketing. Gone are the good old days of Craigslist and Facebook bringing you hoards of cash.

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