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In recent years the infrastructure of India has undergone something of a revolution. Where once stood crumbling railway stations, aged relics left behind from Colonial days, today stand clean, shining new terminals dispatching efficient services around the country. Local and national buses and coaches glide down smooth, level roads, crossing the country with ease.

But it’s in the air that the real revolution has taken place. As more and more Indians become able to pay for air travel the air travel infrastructure has been rebuilt from the ground up. New terminals appear regularly at the nation’s larger hubs, and airports that once dealt with just a few flights a week are retooled and redesigned to accommodate hundreds of additional flights and tens of thousands of new passengers best ca coaching in bangalore.

Today we’re going to look at a few of the travel options in this New India. We’ve picked two random destinations – New Dehi and Bangalore – and searched online for the various travel options available between the two cities. We searched using a travel date one month from now, and here are the results…

By Air

About a dozen airlines operate flights between Bangalore and New Delhi, ensuring a healthy level of competition that drive down prices.

The lowest priced one way economy class ticket from Bangalore is just 4,436 rupees ($88). This rate is offered by most of the airlines, and all flights have a scheduled journey time of around 2h 45m.

By Rail

If time is on your side or funds are tight the Rajdhani Express may present a better option. The train travels between Bangalore Cy Junction and Delhi’s H Nizamuddin Station most days of the week. The total journey time is around 9h 30m, though over this distance trains often run a little behind schedule.

A ticket in a second class sleeper carriage (reasonably comfortable and often air conditioned) runs to 2,790 rupees ($55)

By Bus

Finally, if no other option is available you can travel by bus. Now, while buses in India are generally inexpensive it doesn’t seem to hold true for very long distances.

There is no direct bus service between Bangalore and New Delhi, so it’s necessary to split the journey in two. The bus service between Bangalore and Ahmedabad costs 1,800 rupees ($36) and takes 28 hours. The onward journey from Ahmedabad to New Delhi takes 12h 30m and cost 700 rupees ($14).

The total cost of the journey is $50, and will take around 40 hours (plus transfers).

Clearly your decision will depend on your budget. If you can afford the $88 for the flight, it’s far and away the best option. If $88 is a little too much, the train offers a $33 discount for a little additional travel time. Finally, the bus is a poor option. For just $5 less than the train it adds a heck of a lot of hassle to the journey.

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