Bed Liner Material – How to Pick It

March 20, 2021 by No Comments

There are a lot of different bed liners out there. So, which kind should you get for your truck? One thing to consider is the different kinds of bed liner material available, and also what qualities you want in your liner.

Why Every Truck Should Have a Bed Liner | Durabak

Rubber, rug, paint, hard plastic, polyethylene… these are the different bed liner materials. The key to liner function is not only the lining material, but also how the liner is made. Plastic liners are usually formed to the shape of a truck bed which allows you to drop it in the bed, secure it, and go. The liquid liners are like thick paint, with small bits of rubber mixed in for traction and cushioning. Some of the rubber and rug liners are made in panels, so you can replace different sections of the liner without the expense of buying a new one.

So, installation time, utility, and looks are some key factors when deciding on a bed lining. These all bring us back to the question… What qualities do you want in your bed liner? Do you want a super fast, easy installation? You might want a drop-in plastic bed liner bedliner. If you don’t mind a longer installation time, you might want to paint on a liquid bedliner. Or, let a pro spray it on for you. Paint liners give good protection, but they are pretty much permanent. If you want heavy duty protection that’s removable, you could get a rubber liner. Rug liners are good too, but not quite as durable.

If you’re looking for “looks” in a bed lining, there are many choices. Herculiner, Duplicolor, and other bed liner paints are available in different colors that may be just the “look” you want. The rug and mat type liners are also available in colors and styles that might be just right for your truck.

So, in your quest for truck bed protection, just remember to look at the key factors: installation time, bed liner material (which will give you hints about utility) and looks. With these in mind, you’ll probably find just what you’re looking for!

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