5 Biggest Reasons to Get Rid of Your SEO Agency Right Away

March 17, 2021 by No Comments

Each one of us is unique in many ways. Even identical twins have their own identities in the way they think, act and do. We have our own positives and areas of concern. The only similarity in the uniqueness amongst us is the ardent desire in each one of us to do something which would ensure others would know about our achievements and accomplishments.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization started with this noble thought. The agencies which dealt with SEO were supposed to guide the clients in ensuring their organization and products are known to the world at large.

But as human beings, there are the good SEO agencies and the “not so good ones”. The objective is to stick with the good ones and stay away from the others.

The objective of this missive is to forewarn clients in not being gullible and getting into a trap seo agency.

Given below are the top 5 reasons for getting rid of the dubious SEO Agency.

1) “Leave it to us – we are professionals”: When a SEO agency tells you this, immediately raise your “red flag”. You are planning to promote your organization where you have toiled blood and sweat and you have every reason to be involved from the very beginning.

2) Irrelevant links: Using sophisticated technology, the agency may show you how many hits your site has registered but the question is: are the hits being converted to business? You must have received many mails every day, which are nothing but junk. Same is the case with these “dubious hits”. Be warned when they show you the hits. As stated earlier, the taste of the hit is the increment in business

3) Rigid to change: As the popular saying goes, “Change is the only thing constant” and technology is one of the areas which is changing almost every day. If your agency is not adapting to change and that too fast, you would be straggled to a search engine which is archaic and not updated. Google updates their algorithms constantly. So your SEO agency should be abreast with the latest to ensure you get the best.

4) They don’t do on-page technical SEO: The SEO agency should put in meta key words so that it is easily identified by the visitor and the website opens fast. Many SEO agencies do not use the popular key words hence the website is not easily noticed by the visitor. As a client, you lose out on prospective business. So be aware of such agencies which do not do on-page technical SEO.

5) They are not transparent: A good SEO company would show you the complete report as to how your site is doing and the hits it is receiving. But an ordinary agency providing SEO services may not be so forthcoming. They may show you reports, which actually does not mean much to you. They might show you the heavy activities like book marking or classifieds they have run on your site to make it popular but these are “old school” tactics. They don’t work now. This demonstrates non transparent behaviour you should look out for.

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