Yeast Infections

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Welcome to my Yeast Infection blog. Here I will tell you what other sites lack to mention explaining firstly, what is a yeast infection in elementary terms, the causes of a yeast infection, my personal experiences, the symptoms of a yeast infection as well as guide to steer towards to getting rid of the yeast infection(Thus what you as individual are doing wrong, and how to ‘right’ the wrong). My guarantee to you!

Yeast Infection, what is it?

Let me ask you this first. Do you know how alcohol is formed? Or rather, are you acquainted with the terms ‘fermentation process’? If not, then I`ll explain. If you know this, you can just skip to other sections lower down.

Alright, normally grapefruit are crushed etc, then it is left for a x period of time to mature. This maturing process is what is known as the fermentation stage. Can you see the connection here between the two. We know a yeast got to be what it is through fermentation.

So what forms during this fermentation stage, or rather what is the products that is formed? Firstly carbon dioxide, and ethanol. Note these are the two I specifically want to refer to. So how does this relate to the subject?

Let me put it this way. I`m sure you might know by now from general knowledge, or from school or university years, that each one of us has bacteria. These bacteria assist the stomach in digesting foods. They also serve as a barrier for protecting us from lethal pathogens, and thus assists and strengthens the immune system in turn. I will be referring to the immune system a lot in this paper. Right, so there are bacteria outlining our guts etc. Let me distinct between these bacteria. You get good and bad bacteria. The bad ones is we will call Candida Albicans, and will focus on that, and this is the yeast infection I`m referrring to. Candida, we all have it. The difference is just that some people keravita pro have more than others, and unfortunately so too. Why, because our immune system is suppose to keep it in check, to stop it from over populating.

So we all have different concentrations of Candida, some people higher, others lower.

So the fermentation process is obviously still bothering you, right? So how does it relate to this so called Candida you might ask? The answer lies in our lifestyle which includes food, diet, we all eat. Face it, not all of us have healthy eating habits. What is even worse is that stress governs our lives, and it is proven

That stress puts the immune system under pressure, causing it to under-perform. So, by fermentation and food I`m steering towards the presence of too much sugar in our diets.
This can be anything from sweets to drinks, beverages, etc. Anything you can think of that comes from a sugar cane. Its also just not normal sugar containing products, but dairy(milk) too, thus anything containing lactose too. a Other source of sugar, at least not directly, is carbohydrates. So you dont understand how the last two qualifies as sugar, right? How does it work then. I`ll keep it simple and won`t dig into too much chemistry. Well as Candida serves as a bad bacteria, and say it is over populated(growth) in your stomach, as soon as foods containing sugar/lactose based/carbohydrates enters your stomach, the Candida steps in, and acts as a catalyst. This catalyst I refer to is to boost the biochemical process, converting this sugar-containing foods to carbon dioxide, ethanol and some other by-products.

These by-products may well be toxins. So these sugars are transformed then to carbon dioxide and ethanol, among others. So it is basically the same process that occurs during the fermentation of grapes. So in reality your body now produces alcohol. Why? Fermentation, just as with wine making process. So why then carbohydrates and lactose too, you might ask!? Well mainly because carbohydrates are transformed to sugars as well, same with lactose. There structures, chemical, you will note that is a form of sugar. So after these products have formed, alcohol and carbon dioxide, well you mainly get feelings of bloatedness during eating or after. Why? Gasses are building up from the forming of CO2(Carbon Dioxide). The alcohol gets absorbed in your system, and well you can imagine how you must feel afterwards. Candida cause the stomach lining to become leaky, so other toxins(by-products) formed, gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Maybe I can add now that the correct term for Candida, over growth of it, would be to refer to Candidiasis. I will mention reactions occurring next.

The doctors…

It is unfortunately a fact that modern medicine do not make provision for the term “Candida”. I would get skin rash after skin rash after drinking a glass or 2 of beer and then the doctor would just suggest that I must stay away from alcohol and certain diary products. They arrogantly refuse to accept the fact that Candida plays a role in our everyday life, and left unchecked, it can cause a variety of health problems. More rashes like mine. What do the doctors offer for this…Anti-biotics. What they don`t realize, or just don`t care about, is that we have the good and bad bacteria. The anti-biotics destroys the good and leaves it with even more bad. So what is left you may ask? A repeated attack/infection. The body needs the good bacteria to be able to continue/maintain a good immune system. Unfortunately the doctors still wont give in!

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