Dried Foods

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Dried foods are foods that have been processed to a point where liquid evaporates completely from their structure. It has been found that dried foods retain more of their nutritional value than fresh foods do. The process of drying food uses low temperatures and high humidity to kill bacteria, fungi, and molds while leaving the valuable nutrients intact. Dried foods can be used for several different types of purposes.

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Dried foods act as a source of nutrition for those on low-sodium diets. Many people who have difficulties digesting or absorbing excess salt find relief in dried fruits and vegetables. These low in sodium content help to replace dietary needs for sodium. Fruits and vegetables, however, are best eaten immediately after they are dried, as there will be no lasting shelf life. Dried meats, poultry, fish, and cheese are also good choices for replacing sodium.

In 1845, two French scientists developed the process of drying food by exposing it to high temperatures. The dried vegetables and fruits were found to retain 80% of their vitamins and minerals. The discovery of these vitamins and minerals gave an edge to dried foods, especially those that had been stored for months at a time. Food drying is a very old technique that dates back to ancient Egypt. The dried fruits and vegetables found in the Grand River Valley of France, and the north African Sahel regions, are some of the oldest known fruits and vegetables. Today, this type of preparation is done primarily by people who live in the far north of Africa and the Middle East kingfoods vietnam.

An important advantage to dried foods is that they are much cheaper than their fresh counterparts. Dried foods do not require a long storage time; therefore, they are a great way to save money. Another advantage to dried foods is that they take up less space than their fresh counterparts, since they do not shrink when they are stored either.

Dried fruits are a big part of the American diet. Although canned fruit juices, including the popular Vitamin C version, are widely available, dried fruits are still a major component of the American diet. Dried fruits can be used for just about any recipe, including cake, cookies, pies and fruit spreads. Many people use dried fruits in their recipes because they are more concentrated than the powdered form of most fruits. This makes dried fruits an excellent choice for recipes where you do not want to use a lot of sugar or salt.

There are many advantages to using dried foods over fresh. The greatest advantage is that dried foods retain almost all of their original moisture, including the vitamins and minerals. When a food is stored for a long time, the water may vaporize, losing some of its vitamins and minerals. By retaining the moisture in the food, the nutrients stay intact. This makes dried fruits an excellent choice for foods such as cookies and cakes, or any other type of baked good that you want to have and keep for a longer period of time.

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