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Tip Android is a new app that offers users of all Android handsets the ability to share their tips and tricks with their friends on the go. If you have an android phone, you could download and use this app to share your tips and tutorials with others, anywhere, anytime. You will be able to share information about new android application that you have discovered, or just simply share your current favorite apps.

Many android users are unaware that there are apps which allow users to share tips and tutorial for free on the internet. These apps will enable users to share tips and tutorials for free with their friends. Furthermore, these websites which allow users to share free tips and tutorials will also be updated on a regular basis with new android application and tweaks which the developer would like to offer to the users. So if you want to share your own knowledge, you could simply search on popular android blogs to share your favorite apps and share tips and tutorial with your friends.

How can one share tips and tutorial on such a useful website? The very first thing to do is to sign up on the website and create a free account. Once you are done with your sign up process, you will see a list of useful android applications that you would love to share tips and tutorial with your friends. Moreover, each of the apps in the website will be categorized by the type of app that you are trying to share your information. This will make it much easier for you to find the right category that will suit your needs perfectly.

After selecting your desired category which will match your desired information, you will see a list of share buttons. You will notice that some of the apps will allow you to share your information instantly while others would require you to post the information in their website. Now you should select one of the apps that allows you to share your information instantly. Once you are done selecting one, you should click on “Share Now” button. It is as easy as that! Your friend will now be able to get the information from your android smartphone via this particular application

The other apps allow you to share your information in the form of text. Some might even ask you to simply email them the attached files. However, using android phones does not allow you to directly upload any such files to your friend’s smartphone. Such limitation makes it even more convenient for you to share such useful information through an android widget.

You can use these android widgets to share all kinds of information with your friend. For example, if you are planning to go on a vacation, you can share that information with your friend by creating an android widget which will automatically share the link on his or her android phone. Likewise, if you want to pass some knowledge or information on your android phone, you can also create share tips. All you need to do is to install android widget that will easily share the link on your phone. The most popular among these share tips is the one that lets you share your screen resolution with your friends.

Android users can also get the latest update on their smartphones through share tips. This is very easy to do. All you need to do is to install android device optimizer and then run the app. When it is installed, you just need to browse the share option from the system settings and you will have access to all the features. There are many share tips available but you can select the most relevant one for your smartphone.

The most amazing thing about android is that these apps are entirely free to download. You can get share applications absolutely free from the Google play store. They are simple to install and you can even tweak the software to suit your android phone needs. All you need to do is to install them and use the share feature. You can really share anything with your friends using this amazing android phone program.

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