Digital Outdoor Signage – Understanding What Is Involved

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Digital out-of-doors advertising is utilized to promote every thing from groceries, clothing to automobiles; due to the technology used this method of marketing is so flexible and can be tailored to advertisers needs.

Outdoor LED Video Wall

No longer is the day of the printed marketing poster, now these are being changed by dynamic out-of-doors marketing, the incentive is owing to the move in equipment and the less technophobe users who are demanding data and if a retailer or manufacturer can not meet the command for the technology the consumers will move on to someone who uses and integrates their solution with a technology based solution Outdoor Video Walls.

This is why the movers and shakers such as Nike are using van mounted digital marketing to inform passengers in autos that a Nike outlet is at the next exit on the interstate, this will then split a journey up and provide some shopping treatment for the commuters.

Dynamic out-of-doors signage normally consists of a digital TV, a media player that stores the ads and power. These can be on trucks, at the side of the road, on gas pumps, on the roof of a taxicab.

The equipment can be supplied in the shape of a modular video wall, or a commercial screen and a digital sign enclosure, these give the protection needed for extreme weather. The solution will rely upon the place, the weather and most notably the finances to finish the project.

With the introduction and increase in digital posters and LCD advertising screens, inside digital marketing demand is growing fast, these are unquestionably not for out-of-doors use as they do not have any fortification for water or dust access and these will surely become broken if used outdoors without defense.

Digital advertising has been around for a while and now there is equipment for inside and out of home functions, depending on expenditure anything is possible, with the digital poster range in sizes from 17″ to 80″ and LCD displays on hand in general sizes from 15″ to 80″, but it is evident a dynamic sign cabinet is needed for outdoor use to protect commercial and domestic TV’s.

The key section that links them all is the monitor and a storage device for the ads and the facility to run ads in a set rank, the similarities end when you start talking about scheduling updates so an entire electronic signage network synchronizes and refreshes the ads with new advertisement campaigns.

It then gets different when different kinds of media players are employed from 3G for mobile dynamic advertising, wireless for ease of deployment and networked media players that are used to offer a redundancy free solution.

When done perfectly they are all striking, however get it incorrect and the entire campaign can be beached before it takes off. When thinking about any dynamic advertising campaign, it must be planned down to the last aspect, from setting, to the availability of components to build the solution required. Trying to skip a solitary planning part will make problems later in the project, so the best is to plan the solution is to consider every part of it.

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