Are You a Chef? Check This Out!

December 31, 2020 by No Comments

I like to appreciate the finer things in life, especially food which is one of the main reasons I became a Chef in the first place. Well that and because my mom cooks and she is the most awesome Chef over and I was trying to make her proud! A few years back I decided to get a few foodie sites going, this was really fun and easy for me, mainly because I know a lot of different things about food that the regular (normal) person wouldn’t you and I like sharing in my knowledge and my recipes. The only problem with websites such as wordpress is I don’t find a lot of interaction or communal conversing going on. I thought it would be a little different than this. I mean, I get comments and can reply to them but it’s just not the same interpersonal process I thought I would be.

Well, recently I decided to try something new out; a forum. Forums are really awesome because you can customize them, add your own categories and subcategories, domain names, information, etc. And you can also communicate with people directly on the website through threads, comments/posts and private messaging if 먹튀검증 available. I tried getting my first one going but found it to be a little too complicated for me, and frankly I didn’t want to waste hiring a designer just so he could overcharge me for a small job like a forum. Hey I’m not saying designing is easy, but designing for a designer is. So instead I started searching online for free phpBB forums, and you would be surprised what I found! Ready?

You can actually “hire” someone to develop a forum for you for free! Yep, you heard me right! I said FREE! Every Last forum will be produced automatically, and you just need to affirm your verification e-mail, and it’s up. It will only take a 2 minutes! Plus as said above they will utilize the very popular phpBB 3 board to attain the highest security measures and flexibility. You can select from more than 200 templates to custom-make your own forum. I like this option because I love to customize sites and make them “mine.”

This is awesome! Not only did I get my forum for free but, they also offered free hosting! So now I have a rockin’ forum that looks like I paid a lot of money for it but doesn’t weigh down on my bank account or my conscience. These forums really are awesome not only because they are free or customizable or even because they are phpBB styling, but because they are yours 100%. Now you can do whatever you want, however you want, wherever you want.

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