Guide to Choosing a Kayak Paddle

November 13, 2020 by No Comments

If you’ve just bought a kayak, then you’ll need the right accessories to be prepared for kayaking. One of the most important accessories is the paddle. Choosing a kayak paddle may seem like it would be straightforward. However, did you know that there are different kinds of paddles you can get? It’s not hard to pick a kayak paddle but you should put some thought into which one would be right for you.

There are generally two main types of paddles – the European style and the Greenland style paddle. The European style is paddles that are designed with feathered winged blades at each ends. This paddle is good for quick acceleration and offers great control for whitewater kayaking. The blades are designed ergonomically and set at different angles so that the blade cuts through the water easily while paddling.

Greendland style paddles are paddles that have rounded blades. When you look at these paddles, you’ll see that they are one piece put together as the ends are attached to the main body holding it together. The advantage of these paddles is that it is easier to perform a roll. It’s also easier to adjust your grip on these paddles so some people inflatable paddle board prefer them. You can see how to perform rolls by looking at various training videos and see how these paddles would help.

Most people will go with the traditional European style kayak paddle but there are other things to consider as well. You need to think about the blade length, the shaft length, and the material of the paddle. For example, paddles with longer blades will provide great acceleration but provide more resistance and require more strength. Shorter blades are accelerate much slower but are great for longer trips, which require endurance.

The length of the paddle shaft also needs to be considered. You want to make sure that the paddle is the perfect fit for your body. Everybody is different so you should try it out to see if it’s comfortable for you. The best way to tell is how easy it is to paddle through the water and if it gives you the kind of balance you need.

Finally, the material is important in handling of the paddle. Some paddles are heavier or lighter depending on the material used. Material like wood also does not last as long as a paddle made of fiberglass. You will have to consider the durability of the material as well as the weight when choosing a kayak paddle.

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