Trust Agents Book Review

November 8, 2020 by No Comments

I had not heard of Chris Brogan (or his co-author Julien Smith, for that matter) prior to being introduced to his work by a colleague of mine. Chris had been scheduled to speak at a local conference in my town, and it was there that I came to pick up his new book, Trust Agents.

The primary focus of the book is about how to excel in today’s online marketplace by building and maintaining a reputation of trust. It is this trust factor that sets one up as a Trust Agent. And, according to Brogan, once you’ve established yourself as a Trust Agent, you can command and do just about anything you want via the online marketplace, whether it be for profit, influence, charity or whatever you like.

A Trust Agent, according to the book, is a person of measurable talent and skills in some area, that has built a reputation of good will, trust and dependability. This person understands agen bola resmi how to leverage social contacts to get things done on a scale that would have been nearly impossible before the emergence of the Web 2.0 social networks.

This is all an outgrowth of the so called “de-personalization” of business in which corporate policies continue to run in marked contrast to the loosened nature of the social network culture that they are increasingly imperiled by.

The central tenant of the book is the value of becoming a Trust Agent through the realization of six characteristics that shape and define the Trust Agent:

  1. Make Your Own Game
  2. One of Us
  3. Archimedes Principle
  4. Agent Zero
  5. Human Artist
  6. Build an Army

Make Your Own Game

Basic premise here is that you can either follow the crowd, or the crowd follows you. In Brogan’s words: “You can do what’s come before or you can take a unique swing at the world”

One of Us

Brogan uses the example of Matt Cutts, who is the friendly and affable public face of Google. Cutts is without a doubt, a prototypical Trust Agent, he’s also an everyman who comes across as one of us.

The Archimedes Effect

This is basically the understanding and tactical use of leverage. Taking what you understand in one instance and extending and applying it to something completely different.

Agent Zero

An agent zero is a person at the nexus of multiple and various connections or networks, all dependent upon him or her for their successful operation. This person, in Brogan’s words, is “at the core of many networks” and operates as “an interdependent kingmaker”.

Human Artist

A human artist is one who can manage relationships well. A people person who can build and maintain meaningful relationships at scale.

Build Armies

“To teach is to learn twice” is a favorite quote of mine. This statement is at the heart of the idea Brogan is getting across here. In his words, “Working solo is easy. Do you share what you know to promote larger interactions?”

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